Heal wounds quickly
and without complications

Struggling with wounds that does not heal?
Do you need to resolve problems with leg ulcers, fistulae or other skin damage?
Special hyaluronic acid products deliver effective solutions.

wounds healing

Initiate the healing! Sorelex is a wound dressing with complex effect and easy application. Efficiency of Sorelex has been proved in independent clinical studies.

3 healing principles in a single product

Sorelex combines multiple effects. Bioactive hyaluronic acid accelerate growth of granulation tissue. Antimicrobial compound octenidine destroys bacteria, a specially designed grid layer removes impuritites. Sorelex also quickly reduces production of a wound exudate.

Always the right dressing

Makes no difference, if you try to heal inflamed wound or clean wound. Sorelex can initiate the healing process in majority of non healing wounds. With Sorelex you can always be sure that you’ve made the right choice.

Wide-range use

Sorelex is sutable for venous and diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, non-healing surgical wounds or wounds at risk of infection. Effect of Sorelex is mostly appreciated in wounds with moderate to high levels of exudate.

wounds healing

Antimicrobial healing gel Hyiodine is the ideal answer for deepest, disintegrating and difficult to reach wounds. Moreover it contains bioactive hyaluronic acid, which makes the healing process much faster and easier.

The right formula for more effective healing

Using hyaluronic acid to heal wounds delivers reliable results in the regeneration of tissue. Iodine eradicates inflammation and prevents it from recurring. Hyiodine creates the ideal conditions for effective deep wound healing.

Wide-range application

The advantage of gel form is that it can be used in a variety of ways. Hyiodine eases the treatment of wounds affecting bone structure, wounds with exposed tendons, and deep fistulae.

Proven efficacy

In a clinical study by Hradec Králové University Hospital, Hyiodine was shown to be highly beneficial in 68% of the most complicated cases. This is why an ever-increasing number of doctors rely on Hyiodine for wound healing.


Benefits of active
hyaluronic acid

We all have hyaluronic acid in our body, as it helps us with tissue regeneration. The products based on this natural substance therefore are also effective in treating poorly healing wounds.

Regulates inflammation

Hyaluronic acid can regulate an excessive or overly mild inflammatory response and helps to control the correct progression of the healing process.

Initiates healing

Hyaluronic acid creates a natural environment in the wound for skin cells and attracts nourishing substances and growth factors.

Accelerates granulation

Hyaluronic acid stimulates the regeneration of new tissue and blood capillaries (angiogenesis) Quick start of the natural healing processes results in shortening of the overall healing time.

Reduced scarring

As hyaluronic acid regulates collagen formation and storage, the new post-healing tissue is of a better quality, the skin is firmer and the scars are reduced.

Active healing is
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