Reliable help in healing deep and hard-to-reach wounds.
Cleans the wound, starts the healing process
and significantly reduces the treatment time.


Healing is faster
and more reliable

Hyiodine is a medical device creating ideal conditions for the successful healing of any wound. The high quantity of hyaluronic acid effectively boosts the natural regeneration of damaged tissues. The iodine complex cleans the wound and protects it from infection.


Gel form dressing
for deep wounds

Because it is in gel form, Hyiodine can be applied to very deep and hard-to-reach wounds. It is highly effective in healing fistulae, undermined wounds and pockets. The healing gel simply flows wherever it is needed.


is highly safe

The natural composition of Hyiodine is behind its maximum safety and high efficacy. As a result, Hyiodine can be used for deepest wounds with exposed bone structures, tendons or joint capsules.

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Who is
Hyiodine for?

Thanks to its gel form, Hyiodine is the ideal solution for patients with chronic or acute deep or hard-to-reach wounds. Hyiodine is also successfully used for post-injury wound healing because it reduces the formation of visible scars. Hyiodine is used for:

Deep diabetic ulcers and other chronic wounds
Non-healing surgical wounds
Accident-related injuries

Who has
Hyiodine helped?



Warning for sensitive individuals – the following cases contain detailed images of wounds!

How to use

Pierce the vial cap with the attached spike
and connect the sterile syringe.
Draw the required amount of gel into the syringe
(approximately 1 ml per 10 cm2 of wound).
Apply directly on the wound bed or a carrier dressing
(non woven fabric or sterile gauze). Do not use on black necrotic tissue.
Work Hyiodine into the carrier with your fingers
until it has become well saturated.
Cover with a suitable secondary dressing.
Depending on the state of the wound, re-dress every 24 hours
for infected wounds or every 48 hours for non-infected wounds.

A globally successful
Czech product


Hyiodine is used in more than 20 countries worldwide.
It helped the Czech Army during a mission in Afghanistan.

Designed by
scientists and doctors

Hyiodine has been developed by Contipro in its laboratories.The design is the work not only of our own scientists, but also doctors from university hospitals and other leading Czech wound healing experts.

The finest quality
hyaluronic acid

We make ultra-pure hyaluronic acid from natural substances by means of a biotechnological process. We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of this multipurpose pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredient, which we supply to the world’s most famous brands.

Meets the most
stringent standards

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing meets the high demands of the Czech SUKL, the US FDA and other control bodies. As a result, patients can be sure that they are receiving the safest and finest quality assistance from us.


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