Initiate the healing with the new wound dressing Sorelex.
It efficiently removes the slough and bacteria, eliminates production of exudate
and actively initiates the granulation process.


the healing

Sorelex is suitable especially for the initial phase of the healing process. It effectively removes slough and eliminates production of exudate. Octenidine destroys bacteria, viruses and spores without compromising the patient’s healthy cells. Bioactive hyaluronic acid regulates the inflammatory process and actively promotes the growth of new granulation tissue. This significantly reduces the healing time.


Safe for an unlimited period of treatment

Sorelex is a clinically proven dressing. The active substances in Sorelex are completely safe and have no side effects, even in cases of long-term use. Due to it, Sorelex is also suitable for risk groups such as children, pregnant and nursing women, and people with allergies.


Easy to handle
and bandage

Sorelex on first contact gently adheres to the wound surface. There is no need to hold the dressing during changing. Sorelex can also be cut and shaped to match the wound. The unique composition of Solerex reduces the frequency of dressing. Depending on the state of the wound, the dressing can be changed every two up to five days.

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Who is
Sorelex for?

Sorelex is best used in cases where you need to clean the wound bed or start healing quickly. Specialists recommend Sorelex especially for infected, sloughy wounds, long-term non-healing wounds and wounds at risk of infection. It is particularly suitable for moderately and heavily exuding wounds.

Patients with venous or diabetic ulcers
Long-term bedridden patients with pressure ulcers
Patients after skin grafting

Who has
Sorelex helped?



Discover how effective Sorelex in wound healing is.
Warning – contains detailed images of wounds!

A synergy
of active substances


The combination of hyaluronic acid,a natural substance
with regenerative effects, and octenidine, a safe antiseptic, delivers quick and discernible results. This is also aided by the sophisticated design of the each layer.

Vrstvy Sorelexu
Drains excess exudate to a secondary dressing and prevents wound maceration.
The special grid absorbs dirt and slough and ensures mechanical debridement.
The combination of octenidine and hyaluronic acid delivers an antimicrobial and healing effect. It creates an ideal moist environment in the wound.

Starts granulation

Removes slough

Eliminates exudate


A new concept
of healing


Sorelex is a new wound healing product developed by scientists and doctors. Advanced research has resolved the problem of how to effectively restart the healing process in complicated and chronic wounds.

by scientists and doctors

The development of Sorelex has been a collaboration between our researchers at the modern laboratories operated by Contipro, doctors from university hospitals, and other wound healing experts. Sorelex’s revolutionary approach has also come to the attention of doctors in other countries.

The finest quality
hyaluronic acid

We make ultra-pure hyaluronic acid from natural substances by means of a biotechnological process. We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of this multipurpose pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredient, which we supply to the world’s most famous brands.

Meets the most
stringent standards

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing meets the high demands of the Czech SUKL, the US FDA and other control bodies. As a result, patients can be sure that they are receiving the safest and finest quality assistance from us.


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